How to Evaluate Subjective Questions?

How to Evaluate Subjective Questions?

Subjective Test Evaluation : Overview

The evaluation process for subjective tests involves manually evaluating the responses given by candidates to these questions. Since subjective questions do not have a single correct answer, the evaluation requires considering factors such as coherence, clarity, depth, and relevance to the question. Evaluators/Admins use their expertise to assign marks based on the quality of the response and how well it demonstrates the understanding of the topic or concept being assessed. Therefore, manual evaluation by the admins is essential for accurate assessment.

Steps to evaluate subjective questions : 

Step 1 : Evaluate

  1. Under "Reports" section, navigate to the "Subjective Reports Evaluation" tab
  1. Click on "view details" in the test box or search the test name in the search bar

  1. Click on "Pending" status to evaluate each candidates responses 

  1. Enter the marks in the "Marks Given" box and the click on the "Save and Next" button to evaluate the next response. 

Step 2: Regenerate Result 

  1. Navigate back to "Test Manager" and search for the test which you just evaluated.
  2. Click on the three dots and then click on the "regenerate result" option

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