How to add questions in Bulk? Excel Import

How to add questions in Bulk? Excel Import

1.To upload questions in bulk, select the "Import question" button located within the "Question" tab.

2. Next, on the right-hand side, click the "Import" button.

3.After you click on the “import” button - download the sample Excel file by clicking on the green “sample file" button.

4. When you click on “sample file”, an Excel file will download. Add your questions here, and remember to fill in the Subject name, Topic name, and question type correctly.

5. Then, go back to the Import question tab on the ThinkExam portal and upload your Excel file.

6. After that, scroll down and click the "save" button.

7. Now, you'll see the status of the uploaded file. If it says "successful," your questions were added without any issues. However, if it shows "revert back" or "some records were rejected," you may need to make some changes to your file.

8. To identify errors, click on the highlighted section as shown in the image below. An error report will download. Review the file, correct any errors, and re-upload your question file. You may need to repeat this process until all errors are resolved.

  1. Save your Excel file in a compatible format, such as Excel 97-2003 workbook.
  2. Enter the Question text, subject name, topic name, question type, correct answer, and 4 mandatory options.
  3. You can leave any optional fields blank, but ensure not to delete them to avoid errors during uploading.

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