How to manually add questions to the question bank?

How to manually add questions to the question bank?

1.To add questions, navigate to the Question Tab and select "Question." Then, click on the "Add" button located on the right-hand side.

2. Choose the subject, topic from the dropdown menu located on the left side of the screen.

3. If you want to add questions to a new subject, simply scroll to the bottom of the "select subject" dropdown menu and click on the "add subject" option .In the same way, select the "add topic" button from the dropdown menu to create new topics.

4.After adding the topic, select the question type from the dropdown menu as shown in Image 1. Now, add your question as shown in image 2. You can use the editing options available to edit your questions such as add images, equations etc.

5. You can enable “Document upload” located at the right side below the question box to allow students to upload images and Pdfs to support their answers.

6. You have the option to include explanations/ solutions for each question. These explanations will be visible to students after they submit the test. Under the " Video Solution Url " you can add the link of a video that serves as the solution for the added question. Enable if the " If mobile/ web Url are different" option if the Url to view the solution video on a mobile device is different.

7. Now click on the “Advance options” button to define the marking scheme and difficulty level for this question. For example; Rights marks 1 and negative 0

8. Once you've entered all relevant details such as marks, tags, and difficulty level, click "Save" if you're adding just one question. If you wish to add more questions, click the "Save & new" button. (You have the flexibility to modify your questions at any time.)

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