Proctoring refers to the process of supervising and monitoring online exams or assessments to ensure their integrity and prevent cheating.

Proctoring involves various techniques and technologies such as live video monitoring, screen sharing, and AI-powered algorithms to detect any suspicious behavior during the exam. It aims to maintain the fairness and authenticity of the examination process in an online environment.

Test List 

The test list section within the proctoring module displays a comprehensive list of all the exams or assessments scheduled or available on the platform. 


The proctor section enables the admin to assign proctors to specific exams.



In history, we can check the proctoring video of a candidate.

Their report, their image streams, their videos, ID authentication and all the things. 

It encompasses the past instances of proctored exams, including relevant information, events, actions, and outcomes.

During the audit, we can directly view candidate videos and identify instances of unfair
means. Administrators have the ability to review a candidate's video.

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