There are six different types of report sections available for the admin, which are divided into Test, Candidate, Status, Sales, Subjective Report Evaluation, Feedback, and Admin Audit Log.

Test Report

Admin can view and download reports of all concluded tests or a particular test.

This report gives details of specifics like:

1. Total no. of candidates appeared in a test
2. Avg. score, topper's (highest) marks
3. Total no. of candidates below avg, score and above avg. score.

Question Report

This report displays the question report and analysis of a test. It presents all the questions included in the test along with the counts of incorrect, correct, and skipped answers.

Candidate report 

In this, the admin can search for a candidate's specific report using two types of search filters: either through enrollment number or email address.

The reports show details like test name, attempt number, subject, total mark, mark, attempts (correct, incorrect & skipped questions) and subject rank.

Status report 
With the assistance of the status report, the admin can effortlessly obtain real- time details about the test-taking status, such as the number of candidates who have completed the test and the number of candidates who are still in progress
for a particular test.

Sales report

This report gives details on the purchase of the products by the related candidates. The report shows the revenue details, payment made and discount applied.

Feedback report 

  1.  Here, the admin can view candidates' feedback for a specific test.

Subjective report evaluation

Subjective report evaluation refers to assessing reports or written answers based on subjective criteria. In this process, the admin reviews the exam and assigns grades manually.

Admin audit log report

An admin audit log report is a record or summary of activities and events related to administrative actions within a system or platform.

It provides a detailed account of actions performed by system administrators or privileged users, such as creating, modifying, or deleting user accounts, changing access permissions, configuring settings, or performing other administrative tasks.

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