Test Manager Overview

Test Manager - Overview


In the Admin portal, the Test Manager feature helps admins efficiently manage tests for candidates. This includes creating, editing, regenerating reports, publishing/unpublishing tests, and more. Within the Test Manager tab, admins find two primary options: "Test" and "Category." Each serves a distinct purpose in organizing and managing tests efficiently. It displays a list of all tests that have been created.

1. Test Creation and Editing:

The "Test" button within the Test Manager tab allows admins to create new tests or edit existing ones. This feature enables customization according to specific needs.

2. Category:

The "Category" option complements test management by enabling admins to group tests together. In simple terms, a category acts as a folder for organizing related tests.

Understanding Categories:

A category is essentially a collection of tests that share common attributes or themes. By grouping tests into categories, admins can streamline navigation and access, enhancing overall organization.

Key Functions of Test Manager:

1.Test Creation and Modification: Admins can create new tests or edit existing ones to align with evolving needs.
2.Report Regeneration: Regenerate reports to reanalyze test performance and gather insights.
3.Publishing and Unpublishing: Control test visibility by publishing or unpublishing tests as needed.
4.Submission Management: Submit tests on behalf of candidates when necessary, simplifying the assessment process.
5.Bonus Marking: Optionally allow bonus marking for certain tests to incentivize performance.
6.Duplicating Tests: Duplicate tests effortlessly for reuse or customization, saving time and effort.

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